BMJ Ambarli MC-18 Safety Boots


BMJ Work Safety Zipped Up Boots Ambarli MC18

BMJ — SURESAFE — A high cut, slip-on professional work safety boot especially designed for Oil and Gas work environment.

UK 6 – 10


Black soft grain pleather.
Fully lined for extra comfort and protection.
In-sock are lined, padded with quality EVA Foam.
PU outsole for a light weight feel, durability and thermal-insulating effect.
Side zippers.
Reflective strips at sides (back area) of footwear for night time safety.
Lasts 3X longer than boots made from rubber or PVC with proper care.

Great for:

Oily & Greasy Surfaces
Iron & Steel Industries
Heavy-Duty Chemical Areas
High Heat Temperatures
Waste Management
Glass Industries
Heavy Industries

BMJ Ambarli Safety Shoes
BMJ Ambarli MC-18 Safety Boots
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